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High Level Synthesis from C/C++/SystemC to ASIC/FPGA

***CyberWorkBench® is C-based High Level Synthesis and Verification tool suite both for ASIC and FPGA.***



All the tools work together in our integrated design environment, for easy synthesis, analysis and verification.

C-based Design Service

We also offer design house services to convert behavioral C descriptions into optimized synthesizable RTL code (Verilog or VHLD) for FPGAs or ASICs.

The advantages of our C-based design house services compared to traditional RTL based services are:
  •Lower cost.
  •Shorted design cycle due to the increase in design productivity of using C as an input language.
  •Generation of higher performance and/or smaller circuits compared to RTL designs because
 we use NEC’s proprietary High-Level Synthesis tool CyberWorkBench®.

Some examples of successful projects include image compression algorithms (JPEG 2000 at 120 fps), image sharpening (e.g. denoising, HDR), encryption systems, communication circuits, CODECs, etc…
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