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Power Integrity Design Support Tool

What's New

  • May 30, 2022

    PIStream Ver6.3-002 has been released.

What is PIStream?

Recent trends in IC development have shown ICs operating more speedily at lower voltages, and this causes noise problems.
PIStream is a power integrity design tool for PCB that will help you meet your target impedance and reduce transfer impedance. Use PIStream to achieve target impedance by adding/moving capacitors, plane shapes, and Power/GND plane distances. Transfer Impedance Analysis function helps reduce noise propagation between aggressor and victim ICs.
Graphic-based PIStream is easy to use and offers speedy analysis.
Start working with PIStream to improve power integrity and save time and money.

Goals Of PIStream

The causes of a noise problem are not limited to EMI and SI issues.
Keeping input impedance below target and stabilizing the voltage fluctuation around aggressor and victim ICs will enable you to solve noise problems faster.
Satisfying the target impedance at the design stage will bring the following advantages:

  • Improved Quality
  • Cost Effectiveness

  • Quick Time-to-Market

  • *EMIStream and PIStream are both registered trademarks or trademarks of NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. in the United States and/or other countries.

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