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AI/Big Data

Creating new value through advanced analytics services in the era of skyrocketing Big Data utilization driven by AI

As AI and IOT drives the utilization of Big Data across a wide array of fields, NEC supports the continuous creation of new customer value through advanced analytics services.

Challenges in utilizing Big Data

The scope of Big Data utilization is expanding due to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Governments, enterprises and organizations are already using AI technologies to optimize their operations, detect abnormalities, predict crime, raise the value of products and services, and implement more focused marketing. However, the rapid advancement of AI technologies is causing some confusion as to what, and how much, can really be achieved through AI. Customers who have adopted analytics systems have encountered problems such as drops in prediction accuracy and unstable performance. They have discovered that simply adopting a system will not solve all their problems—they need someone with knowledge of AI and advanced analysis skills to make sure the system is maintained and continuously improved after it is deployed.

Continuous support for utilizing Big Data

NEC has been an industry leader in creating analytics services that provide ongoing support for customer value creation processes. For customers thinking about utilizing Big Data by leveraging AI technologies, NEC offers an analytics consulting service called the AI Discovery Program. With this program, NEC works together with customers to identify issues and create scenarios that will help them start utilizing Big Data more quickly and efficiently. NEC also follows up by helping customers implement continuous improvement cycles.
If customers encounter any problems with prediction accuracy after they deploy their analytics systems, NEC data scientists will check for changes in daily data, periodically update prediction models, investigate the root cause of accuracy drops, and implement other measures to ensure that the system runs as expected. NEC’s advanced and unique analytics services provide customers with value not just today, but well into the future. NEC has years of experience in researching and developing AI technologies that are some of the best in the world. Going forward, by further promoting the development of AI technologies and strengthening and nurturing globally ready data scientists, NEC will continue to contribute to the creation of more customer value through Big Data utilization.

End-to-end analytics services supporting the value creation process driven by Big Data