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Activities for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

In order to foster a volunteer culture and create a volunteer legacy, efforts are underway to engage employees in volunteer activities with the focus on "diversity" and "sports".

NEC Wheelchair Tennis

NEC has served as the sponsor for the Wheelchair Tennis Tour organized by the International Tennis Federation for over 20 years in order to promote sports for those with disabilities.

NEC Para-Sports Support Project

We help realize a "universal society" where people can live securely as one of its members regardless of age, gender, nationality or disability by utilizing our experience in supporting wheelchair tennis for over 20 years.

TOKYO Mimi College

Beginning in 2015, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government organizes an industry-government-academia collaboration event, TOKYO Mimi College (called "TOKYO Sign Language College" in 2015), with the aim of deepening understanding and interest in hearing impairment.
Since its start, NEC has co-hosted this event with Tokyo Metropolitan University.

Collaboration with the Tokyo Para-Sports Association

Collaboration with the Tokyo Para-Sports Association began in 2016.

Partnership with the Tokyo Voluntary Action Centerv

In 2019, NEC signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with the Tokyo Voluntary Action Center, which plays a central role in promoting volunteerism in Tokyo, in order to foster a volunteer culture, create volunteer legacies and promote the building of an inclusive society by leveraging the strengths of the two organizations.