The History of NEC Technical Journal

Towards the information society of the 21st century

In April 1981, Nippon Denki Giho, which focused on industrial electronics, and Shin Nippon Denki Giho, which focused on consumer electronics, were consolidated as the NEC Technical Journal. In order to effectively cope with the acceleration of technological development, the journal switched to monthly publication.

As people became increasingly information oriented, consumer electronics became a major focus of NEC's business. It was also featured prominently in the NEC Technical Journal. A wide variety of products ranging from the PC-8000 series personal computers to cameras, VCRs, and television receivers were introduced.

Cover of Number 139 of NEC Technical Journal
Cover of Number 139 of
NEC Technical Journal
Cover of Number 200 (photo shows VC-N8HFJ VCR)
Cover of Number 200
(photo shows VC-N8HFJ VCR)

NEC took the publication of the 200th issue as an opportunity to revamp the cover design. The black-based design continued until 2005. The typography of the body text was also changed to make it easier to read. A special "Techno Issue" was also produced, which reviewed all the technological advances and developments that had taken place in the preceding year.

In the 1990s, while continuing to introduce the latest life-enriching technology, the NEC Technical Journal increasingly focused on the importance of the "environment." NEC had made a commitment to resource management and environmental technology as early as 1970 by establishing a company-wide environmental management structure. In July 1991, the journal highlighted some of the environmental conservation activities that NEC was engaged by featuring the company's earth environment technology in that month's issue (Number 265, July 1991). Two years later, the journal put the focus on NEC's resource environment technology (Number 295, July 1993).

Cover of Number 372
Cover of Number 372

In 2000, another "Techno Issue" (Number 372) was published, featuring the history of technology development over the preceding decade, while commemorating NEC's 100th anniversary and the journal's 50th anniversary. While looking back at the technology developed during the 1990s, the journal also summarized the technology NEC had been developing with a view towards establishing the information society of the 21st century. This was emphasized in the introduction to the issue, which pointed out that NEC was moving in the direction of C&C, multimedia, and information solutions, giving a glimpse of the transformation the company was undergoing in its efforts to meet the needs of customers and society while focusing on the Internet, which would be the next-generation social infrastructure.

The evolution of NEC Technical Journal into a publication that focuses on "Solutions for Society"

Since 2000, NEC Technical Journal has continued to publish articles about developments in the information communication technology powering today's IT society, as well as introducing new hardware and software products to consumers. As NEC's business expanded further in the area of information technology, it was called upon to develop solutions to address new customer requirements. Following these trends, the journal featured security (Number 418, December 2003) and business continuity and disaster recovery (Number 433, September 2006).

In 2007, NEC Group Vision 2017 was established with the goal of forging a strategy for the future — "To be a leading global company leveraging the power of innovation to realize an information society friendly to humans and the earth." Up to that point, the focus of NEC Technical Journal had been on the introduction of NEC's technologies and solutions. Now, with the establishment of Group Vision 2017, NEC took the opportunity to change the journal's editorial policy, making it a more management and strategy-oriented technology information periodical in accordance with the Mid-Term Management Plan developed to facilitate the achievement of NEC Group Vision 2017.

Cover of Vol. 6 No.1
Cover of Vol. 6 No.1

In the years following, there was a special issue on cloud computing (Vol. 5 No. 2, June 2010), a special issue on public safety (Vol. 5 No.3, October 2010), a special issue on space systems (Vol. 6 No. 1, April 2011), and a special issue on big data (Vol. 7 No. 2, September 2012) — all featuring themes that centered around the business areas NEC focuses on, enabling the journal to introduce the complex array of interacting technologies and solutions that powered these new businesses.

Cover of Vol. 9 No.1 (January 2015)
Cover of Vol. 9 No.1
(January 2015)

In 2013, under the Mid-Term Management Plan 2015, NEC announced that it would focus on "Solutions for Society", which would offer advanced social infrastructure utilizing leading-edge ICT. In 2014, a new brand message was introduced — "Orchestrating a Brighter World."

What social values will be created by "Solutions for Society", to which NEC is committed, and how NEC will contribute to its customers and to society — these are the messages that will be passed on to the world through the pages of the NEC Technical Journal.