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NEC Cloud System (OSS Building Model)

OpenStack-based cloud infrastructure building solutions

The speed and flexibility to expand your telecommunications business

Opportunities in the telecommunications industry are significantly expanding thanks to advances in IoT technology, the growing ubiquity of mobile devices and population growth in developing nations. On the other hand, carriers are facing multiple challenges concerning infrastructure integration, cloud optimization, lowering operational burden of clouds, and bandwidth issues caused by over-the-top (OTT) content.

Toward resolving these issues, many carriers are seeking to build cloud infrastructure based on open-source software (OSS) and advanced, standard technology that can meet their growing requirements for speed and flexibility. NEC Cloud System (OSS Building Model) satisfies this demand through robust mission-critical network function virtualization (NFV) infrastructure and future-proof ICT infrastructure that is fully integrated, standardized and cost effective. NEC also provides comprehensive design, integration and operational support.

A major contributor to the global open-source community since 2000

NEC has supported open-source communities since 2000, when it participated in the development of Linux and other open-source projects and became an active member of open-source standards organizations. As a core developer, we have also been one of the top 10 contributors to OpenStack development * and the most actively involved vendor in Japan.

  • *As of October 2015

Based on unrivaled experience in the implementation and operation of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions and the provision of highly reliable, high-performance OpenStack-based cloud infrastructure service since 2014, NEC has developed advanced cloud infrastructure building solutions based on OSS.

Supporting carriers with robust, scalable, open-cloud infrastructure

NEC Cloud System open cloud infrastructure building solutions take full advantage of OSS –– as well as NEC's vast expertise in ICT, networks and OpenStack development –– to empower carriers with the speed and flexibility they need.

Feature 1: Maximizing the value of openness by combining our strengths in ICT and networks

NEC helps carriers build fully open cloud infrastructure based on the latest open-source standards, such as OpenStack. Through open-source expertise, decades of experience in providing advanced ICT and network solutions around the world, and time-proven Open Mission Critical System (OMCS) technology, NEC supports mission critical systems with high availability, performance, operability, scalability, interoperability and confidentiality.

Feature 2: Rapid building and efficient operation of high-quality cloud environments

NEC developed standard models to meet specific requirements and functions based on its vast experience in the integration and operation of OpenStack cloud infrastructure. Cloud environments that meet customer needs can be rapidly and flexibllye built by the combination of carefully evaluated modules (via building block method). Automation and standardization of operation result in higher quality of operational support, lower costs and reduced operational loads.

Feature 3: Total support from open-source experts

NEC's dedicated team of OSS and OpenStack experts can provide total support from proposal and design to operation and troubleshooting. We also enhance the quality of OpenStack from the point of view of performance and availability. Modified and customized functions are contributed to the open-source community to maintain openness and support the continual improvement of OpenStack.

Feature 4: Ensuring BC/DR via multi-data center environment

The use of multiple data centers is essential for business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR). Through SDN technology, virtual data center realizes BC/DR with greater ease and flexibility and provides the resources of multiple data centers with greater operational efficiency.

NEC Cloud System stimulates the growth of telecommunication business

  • Greater speed and flexibility through NFV infrastructure using OSS
  • Lower TCO and operation load via company-wide ICT integration
  • Stronger compliance, business continuity and IT security infrastructure
  • More efficient and flexible use of resources relieves pressure on bandwidth in high-quality usage environments


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