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NEC Kanagawa Data Center

NEC is pursuing "Safety & Security", "Efficiency" and "Hybrid" by our original updated technology and know-how. NEC Kanagawa Data Center is a flag ship data center in eastern Japan which corresponds to various needs by these features.

Safety & Security

Safe and convenient location

  • Disaster-resistant location
  • About an hour from Shinjuku Station

NEC Kanagawa Data Center is built on solid ground and located over 14km away from any active faults, over 30km inland from the coastline, and outside the damage-susceptible areas designated in seismic hazard maps for Japan.  So systems are well protected and unlikely to be affected by natural disasters.

Moreover, NEC Kanagawa Data Center is only a one-hour train ride from Shinjuku Station, making it highly accessible as well as secure.

Photo: NEC Kanagawa Datacenter

Preparation for system safety and business continuity

  • Power equipment with redundant configuration
  • Private power generators in case of power outage

Should a power outage or disaster occur, the system immediately switches to a private power supply mode that can run for 72 hours without refueling.

  • Quake-resistant building
  • Seismic isolation floors that keep server racks upright

Well-prepared security

  • Monitoring of all unauthorized accesses
  • Reports for internal control audits

In addition to physical security measures such as manned monitoring, automated monitoring, monitoring cameras and biometric authentication, information security measures provided by the Security Operation Center are also in place.  Security monitoring, alert systems, knowledge sharing and coordination with NEC security specialists ensure solid information security.

Moreover, an ID and access management tool and internal control assurance reports for internal control audits are available as options for NEC Cloud IaaS. (SOC2 Type2 report*)

  • *
    SOC2 (Service Organization Control 2) Reports: Internal control reports on the services provided by a service organization. Established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

Registering face data with ID

Face recognition in circle gate


High specifications

  • The latest computer equipment optimized for data centers can be installed

Computer equipment optimized for data centers is made highly dense to efficiently utilize limited space.  To install this type of equipment, data centers require a sufficient floor load and power supply capacity.

NEC Kanagawa Data Center features a maximum 1.5 t/m² floor load and 20 kVA/rack rated power, making it capable of housing the latest computer equipment.

Power savings

  • Servers specially developed for NEC Data Centers
  • Cutting-edge cooling technology requires no power

Energy conservation is an important issue at data centers because it impacts the environment and limited natural resources.

To maximize energy efficiency, NEC developed a power-saving, high-density server exclusively for its cloud infrastructure service “NEC Cloud IaaS”.  Unique server-rack cooling technology utilizes phase-change cooling, which occurs when liquid is vaporized, to eliminate the need of power for liquid circulation and thereby further conserve energy.

High density server

Phase-change cooling unit


Hybrid integration

  • Integrated operation of cloud service and housing service environments

NEC Kanagawa Data Center is a hybrid data center that provides cloud infrastructure service “NEC Cloud IaaS” as well as housing (colocation) service.

While migrating cloud ready systems to “NEC Cloud IaaS”, customers can use the housing service to host their own systems that are difficult to migrate to cloud or their own dedicated private cloud systems.  This enables integrated operation of cloud and housing systems within the same data center.

In addition, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) enables flexible changing of network configurations. Moreover, inter-data-center networks enable coordination with other NEC data centers.

High-quality operation services

  • Operation by NEC specialists
  • ITIL®-based operation structure

“Integrated IT Service Management Center” centrally operates and monitors NEC’s major data centers, including NEC Kanagawa Data Center.

These operation and monitoring services are structured based on ITIL® and are managed by operators with vast expertise.  To ensure consistent operational quality, the center provides optimized operation planning, standardization and systemization using an NEC framework developed through vast data center experience.

Customers can monitor their incident status on the web portal.

  • *
    ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library):
    A publicized framework with compiled best practices (based on success stories) for IT service management. (ITIL® is a Registered Trademark of AXELOS Limited.)