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NEC Kobe Data Center

NEC is pursuing "Safety & Security", "Efficiency" and "Hybrid" by our original updated technology and know-how. NEC Kobe Data Center is a flag ship data center in western Japan which corresponds to various needs by these features.

Introduction video

NEC Kobe Data Center - Top-class energy saving and hybrid cloud achieved by NEC's advanced technologies

Safety & Security

Safe and convenient location

  • Convenient : About one hour from Osaka Station.
  • Safe : A safe location not susceptible to natural disasters.

Full business continuity support

  • Nearly full compliance with JDCC Tier 4* standard.
  • Base isolated building dampens earthquake effects.
  • The risk of system stoppage is reduced by securing power from two substations through main and sub power lines.
  • A redundant UPS configuration and private power generator capable of running for 72 hours without refueling ensures a steady power supply and server cooling during blackouts.
  • Power is continuously supplied to air conditioners in server rooms as well.
  • Highly sensitive smoke detectors and nitrogen gas fire extinguishing system.

  • * JDCC Tier 4: The highest level of reliability in domestic data centers according to facility standards set by the JDCC (Specified Nonprofit Organization, Japan Data Center Council). Some features are Tier 3 compliant.

Airtight security and smooth entry/exit via proprietary NEC face recognition technology

  • NEC's highly secure and convenient NeoFace® face recognition engine delivers the world's fastest, most accurate* authentication during entry and exit.

Image: Airtight security and smooth entry/exit via proprietary NEC face recognition technologyLarger viewWalk-through setup enables smooth entry preventing tailgating and without noticing the camera.

High security standards and internal control

  • Airtight security and compliance with leading standards
      - Solid entry security via surveillance cameras and biometric authentication.
      - Solid information security via Security Operation Center in collaboration with specialized NEC security organizations.
  • Compliance with stringent data center security standards
      - High-level security meets financial institution demands (compliance with FISC* Security Guidelines).
      - SOC 2 compliance for internal control (Type 2 report*).

  • * FISC: Center for Financial Industry Information Systems
  • * SOC 2 (Service Organization Control 2) report: Internal control report of commissioned business appointed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)


NEC air conditioning realizes a PUE of 1.18*.

  • Effective use of NEC's proprietary Phase-Change Cooling Units along machine room (cloud area) walls
  • Free cooling with outside air during cold season
  • About 40% lower machine room air-conditioning power consumption

Machine room air-conditioning system

  • (1)Exhaust heat from server racks is cooled by a Phase-Change Cooling Unit, dry coil outside the machine room and free-cooling.
  • (2)Cooled air enters the room by ceiling fans.
  • (3)The right amount of cooled air reaches each rack depending on its temperature.

  • * PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness): Data center energy efficiency calculated by dividing total power consumption by IT equipment power consumption. The lowest and best possible value is 1.0.

Image: Energy-efficient, high-density server Scalable Modular Server DX2000Energy-efficient, high-density server Scalable Modular Server DX2000

Natural methods further boost efficiency

  • Solar power generation, an energy storage system and an underground cooling system further reduce power consumption
      - Solar power generated during the day is stored in an energy storage system and used for lighting, etc. within the data center.
      - Outside air is naturally cooled in an underground base isolation layer and fed to the electric room to reduce air-conditioning power consumption by about 50%.
      - Stored solar energy powers the underground layer's intake and exhaust fans at no cost.
  • Power-saving equipment such as LED lighting and free cooling


Integrated cloud and housing (colocation) in a hybrid environment

  • Cloud and housing environments
      - Cloud infrastructure service "NEC Cloud IaaS" and a housing service are offered within the data center with LAN connection.
  • Data center utilization as a BC/DR measure
      - NEC Kobe Data Center and NEC Kanagawa Data Center - NEC's two flagship data centers - are connected by an inter-data-center network and can be used for BC/DR purposes.
      - Flexible networking between data centers is realized through Software-Defined Networking (SDN).
      - Secure hybrid cloud via third party cloud connection services.

High-quality services for integrated operation

  • NEC Kobe Data Center and NEC's other core data centers are centrally operated and monitored by Integrated IT Service Management Center, which is built on the ITIL* framework.
  • 24/7/365 operation managed by specialists.
  • Consistent operational quality via optimized operational design, standardization and systemization based on vast NEC experience.
  • Customers can monitor their incident status on the web portal.

  • * ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library):
    A publicized framework with compiled best practices (based on success stories) for IT service management. (ITIL® is a Registered Trademark of AXELOS Limited.)

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