NEC Storage PerforOptimizer


Moving stored data on a logical disk basis

Autonomous operation

When operation policies are set, this function automatically analyzes performance of the storage, determines whether reallocation of logical disks is required, and moves logical disks if necessary. The operation policies are used to configure performance analysis (the duration and timing of the analysis), reallocation of logical disks (immediate or scheduled moving) and so on.

Manual operation

This function moves a specified logical disk to a desired pool. The logical disk can be reallocated according to a schedule based on operations of the system. Removing bottlenecks caused by highly-loaded pools as well as moving logical disk between different levels of pools (e.g., from RAID 6 to RAID 10) for the purpose of speeding up the access is possible.

LDs can be moved without stopping business transactions.

Reallocating stored data in a logical disk or between logical disks

Autonomous operation

By setting operation policies, storage performance is automatically analyzed to determine whether or not data reallocation in a logical disk or in between logical disks on a same pool is necessary, and if necessary, the data is reallocated within the logical disk. Operation policies are used to configure settings including how storage performance is analyzed (period and timing of analysis) and how reallocation in an LD or in a Pool is performed (immediate moving or scheduled moving).

Changing capacity balance

The function to change capacity balance of devices is provided.
Capacity balance can be changed according to change in use of the system and how much logical disks are loaded.

Reallocation in an LD or in a pool and change of capacity balance can be done without stopping business transactions.

Only LD moving is available on M310F/M320F/M710F. Data reallocation in an LD or in a pool is not available (because no tiered pool can be bound).