NEC Storage Manager Express

Configuration management

Management of a Disk Array System without Management Server

Manages one disk array system efficiently.  Server component of Storage Manager is installed in the disk array to manage it without external management server.

Setting nicknames

Users can give nicknames to disk array systems, logical disks, etc., to identify them easily.

Status monitoring

Monitoring system conditions

Monitors the conditions of physical disks, controllers, and power supplies composing logical disks and disk array systems, and displays a message or an icon for notification of a failure.

Operations Management

Event Link Function

Enables operative actions based on the events such as failure and performance threshold exceeding.

Security Management

Assures security by authenticating login on server components, and manages privilege level of user to restrain setting change by standard user.


Replication Operation by CLI

A license to use NEC Storage DynamicDataReplication Express is attached to an NEC Storage M100 series disk array system at the time of shipment.
You can control the replication operation of a disk array from a remote machine of any platforms via ssh, telnet or remote shell connection.