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Effortless compliance data management with write-once, read many


Secure Oversight

NEC Storage HS* simplifies storage administration by ensuring the authenticity of critical data and by maintaining data's chain of custody by preventing accidental or intentional erasing or alternating of information.

*NEC Storage HS series is sold as HYDRASTOR® in the United States of America.

The NEC Storage HS WORM offers

  • Enterprise and compliance modes of write-once, read many (WORM) administration.
  • Read-only file attributes that persist even after replication to a remote site.
  • By maintaining read-only attributes after replication, policy compliance is assured at remote sites.
  • Duration for read-only access specified on a per-file basis.
  • Once read-only duration ends, files and attributes, including deletions, can be administered normally.

Other Features Include

  • The ability to simultaneously maintain WORM and non-WORM data in same storage system.
  • Licensed per accelerator node enables WORM to be cost efficient based on only where required.
  • An alternative to WORM devices that have the potential of becoming obsolete.

Compliance Enabling

When integration with RepliGrid, WORM WAN-optimized replication assures policy compliance at disaster recovery site by maintaining read-only attributes of remote copies of WORM data.

Optional Capabilities

This software brings robust functionality across the entire NEC Storage HS appliance product line.

This includes:

HS8-50 - Scale-out global deduplication backup storage
HS6-50A - Scale-out grid storage for archive and long-term data
HS3-50 - Inline deduplication storage
HS Virtual Appliance - Universal deduplication storage



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