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NEC Storage HS6-50A

Scale-out grid storage for archive and long-term data


Scalable Customized Configuration

The NEC Storage HS6-50A* supports massive seamless scalability, while minimizing storage costs with customized configurations and inline deduplication and compression across all nodes while also providing advanced erasure-coded resiliency to protect long-term data.

*NEC Storage HS series is sold as HYDRASTOR® in the United States of America.

The NEC Storage HS HS6-50A offers

  • Supports long-term data archive data retention with seamless scalability from 1 node up to 165 nodes, with up to 11.88PB of raw capacity in a single system.
  • Intermix newer generation hardware within the same grid system, enabling online expansion with no data migration or application downtime supports Active Archive with Forever Retention.
  • Delivers greater protection with lower overhead and faster data rebuild than traditional RAID with Distributed Resilient Data™ (DRD).

Other Features Include

    • Virtualization of all available storage resources into a single common pool that is shared by all file systems and applications.
    • Deduplicates and compresses all data from all nodes, reducing storage capacity requirements.
    • A web-based graphic user administration console proactively monitors and integrates with weekly system reports, email alerts and notifications as well as with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

DRD Protection

DRD (Distributed Resilient Data) protection can tolerate up to six (6) concurrent drive or node failures while maintaining normal computing input and output.

It can also recover data faster than traditional RAID by reconstructing only lost data rather than the entire drive, as well as reconstructing the data across multiple drives instead of a single hot spare.

Optional Capabilities

Elective software for the NEC Storage HS Series include:

RepliGrid - WAN-optimized replication
WORM - Write-Once Ready-Many
Encryption - AES 256-bit inline encryption



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