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NEC Storage HS RepliGrid

WAN-optimized replication for disaster recovery and business continuity


Dependable Protection

NEC Storage HS* RepliGrid reduces network traffic and maximizes data reliability by transferring only unique compressed data chunks and newer reference metadata to significantly reduce network bandwidth and permit asynchronous replication with another NEC Storage HS systems.

*NEC Storage HS series is sold as HYDRASTOR® in the United States of America.

The NEC Storage HS RepliGrid offers

  • Transfers only unique compressed deduplicated data chunks across the unified platform.
  • Reduces network and storage costs with inline global deduplication technology.
  • Encrypts transferred data and retains attributes and protection level for the replica.
  • Protects transferred data from unauthorized access and assures policy compliance at remote site.

Other Features Include

  • Automates the copy process and updates the backup catalog, using NEC Storage HS OpenStorage Optimized Copy.
  • Simplifies data management between the primary site and disaster recovery site with automatic copy services.
  • Hands-free simplified management schedules replication jobs and starts automatically, based on graphic user interface and command-line interface configuration.
  • Provides hands-free management to streamline disaster recovery and reduce administrative overhead.

RepliGrid Compatibility

This software brings robust functionality across the entire NEC Storage HS appliance product line.

This includes:

HS8-50 - Scale-out global deduplication backup storage
HS6-50A - Scale-out grid storage for archive and long-term data*
HS3-50 - Inline deduplication storage
HS Virtual Appliance - Universal deduplication storage

*HS6-50A is not compatible with other NEC Storage HS appliances



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