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NEC's Environmental Glossary

This glossary defines NEC's original environmental terms.

Eco Symbol

The NEC Eco Symbol is an in-house system that was established to help promote the development of environmentally sound products and to provide customers with environmental data on products.
Products that meet NEC's highest environmental standards under this system are awarded the Eco Symbol and are registered as the company's most advanced Eco Products.

Eco Symbol Star

This system is positioned at the upper level of the conventional Eco Symbol System and assigns an "Eco Symbol Star" to products that satisfy the qualification standards as top-runners within NEC and the industry.


A new bioplastic that uses plant resources as its primary raw material.
NEC's brand name NeCycle indicates a new style of recycling: a recycling of the material itself as well as a recycling of the CO2 that is absorbed by the plant component that is the primary raw material.

Refreshed PC

Refreshed PCs are NEC personal computers that NEC has purchased and refurbished using its manufacturing, diagnosis and repair know-how as a personal computer manufacturer, and are sold with a warranty.

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