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Inquiries & FAQ

Environment-related inquiries

For inquiries not covered in the FAQ, please inquire below.

All other inquiries

This is the contact point if you would like to know who to contact regarding our services and products, if you need help selecting a product, or if you have any other queries.


Q1Can I sell my used NEC personal computer back to NEC?
A1NEC buys back used NEC personal computers at their appraised value.
NEC refurbishes computers bought back from customers and sells them as NEC Refreshed PCs.

For details and to apply, please click here. (Japanese)

◇Inquiries regarding the purchase of personal computers should be directed to the Personal Computer Purchase Office (Refreshed PC Center).
* As of September 18, 2015, the business hours are as follows:
Business hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 to 18:00
              * Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays and NEC designated holidays
Direct phone number: 0120-977-919
Q2Can I get NEC to collect my used NEC computer?
A2NEC collects used NEC personal computers and displays.
After they are collected, they are either recycled or reused as maintenance parts (except HDDs).

For details, buy-back prices, and to apply, please click here. (Japanese)
Q3Can I get NEC to collect my used NEC toner cartridges?
A3NEC collects used NEC toner cartridges free of charge.

For details, information about products eligible for collection, and other inquiries, please click here.

◇Submit collection requests for NEC cartridges and inquiries to:
EP Cartridge Collection Center
Business hours: Mon-Sat 10:00 to 19:00 (closed Sundays and national holidays)
* Faxes are accepted 24 hours a day.
Tel: 0120-30-6924, Fax: 0120-30-8049
Q4Can I get NEC to collect my used NEC battery pack?
A4A4  NEC collects battery packs free of charge in its Small Rechargeable Battery Recycling Boxes.
Please take your used battery pack to one of these collection points.

For details and collection box locations, please click here
Q5Can I get NEC to collect my used NEC ink cartridges?
A5NEC has stopped collecting used ink cartridges as of April 24, 2015.
Please dispose of used ink cartridges according to applicable local and other regulations.
* NEC collects NEC toner cartridges.

For details about the end of NEC ink cartridge collection, please click here.
Q6Can I get NEC to collect corporate NEC products (personal computers, servers, communications equipment)?
A6NEC collects NEC personal computers, servers, communications equipment, and information processing equipment.
Collection fees vary. NEC will provide a free estimate.
There are two methods used to collect used NEC products: one is for NEC to pick up the products from the customer's premises, and the other is for the customer to bring the used products to one of NEC's collection points.

For details and collection point locations, please click here.

* Pickup collection is done by Nippon Express NEC Logistics Co., Ltd., NEC Fielding, Ltd., and SINCERE Corporation.
Please request collection from one of these carriers having a collection center near you.
Q7How does NEC practice green procurement?
A7As part of our environmental goal to convert all NEC products into environmentally sound items, we procure low-impact materials produced through low-impact manufacturing processes by environmentally conscious suppliers.
Since FY 2007/3, we have been obtaining all materials, including software and services, through green procurement.

For details about our green procurement activities, please click here.
Q8Where can I obtain NEC's environmental report?
A8The NEC Group's environmental results during the previous fiscal year are available online as the NEC Annual Environmental Report.
(There is no distribution in printed form.)

For the Annual Environmental Report, please click here.

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