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Development of Environmentally Friendly Products

NEC focuses on activities to reduce environmental impacts of products over their entire life cycles from procurement to use and disposal of products by customers. The perspectives of "Ecology" including "Global warming prevention", "Resource recycling", and "Environmental consciousness" and "Compliance" are added to "Quality," "Cost," and "Delivery" in these activities.

Eco Products

Eco Symbol System

Products, software and services that meet NEC's environmental standards are certified and registered as Eco Symbol products and services. Among these Eco Symbol certified products, software and services, those that are positioned as industry top-runner products are assigned an "Eco Symbol Star" label.
The Eco Symbol is a self-declaration type of ISO (International Standards Organization) Type II environmental label. This is a label that is only put on products that satisfy the criteria set by each manufacturer group or other organization for products in specific fields.

About Eco Products

What are eco products?

Eco products are products that are confirmed to have met all of NEC's company-wide eco product standards, which cover the basic requirements for protecting and preserving the environment, and which all new products are required to satisfy.

What are Eco Symbol products?

Eco Symbol products are products that conform to the Eco Symbol standards that require products to be environmentally superior to conventional eco products. Products conforming to the standard are affixed with the Eco Symbol mark in product catalogs, websites, or on the product packaging.

What are Eco Symbol Star products?

Eco Symbol Star products are products that are regarded as environmental top-runner products among the NEC products. These products conform to the stringent Eco Symbol Star standards such as reducing CO₂ emissions by 50% compared with conventional products. Products conforming to the standard are affixed with the Eco Symbol Star mark in product catalogs, websites, or on the product packaging.

Basic Conditions for Use of Eco Symbol Star

  1. Must meet the Eco Symbol standards
  2. Must assure transparency

Eco Symbol Star logo

Eco Symbol Star Standards

Item Eco Symbol Star Standards
Hardware products Software and services
Preventing global warming Achieve a CO₂ emission reduction rate of 50% or more (compared to the conventional product). Expected CO₂ reduction rate of 50% or more
Expected CO₂ reduction amount of 1,500 t/year or more
Equipped with technology that is a first within the industry. Mitigates or helps reduce damage or loss etc. caused by at least one of the eight major risks due to climate change.
Resource recycling Uses 80% or more of bioplastics (ratio to the total weight of bioplastics for the frame). Reduction of environmental impact through the use of NEC's original leading (industry-first) technologies
Introduces technology for the first time within the industry or introduces a system with unique and innovative features.
Evaluation External prize is awarded. Highly rated both within and outside NEC
Internal prize is awarded.
Technical advantage Overwhelmingly contributes to a reduction in the environmental impact with NEC's technology. Release of environmental information for software and services