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Activities for Controlling Chemical Substances in Products

Companywide efforts are being made to promote "green procurement," in which priority is given to parts and materials with low impact on the environment. Green procurement contributes to building a recycling-oriented society by expanding the green product market and promoting the development of environmentally sound products to meet this expansion. Green procurement also serves to heighten the environmental awareness of design and development staff.
NEC also makes every effort to comply with global regulations on chemical substances contained in products such as the EU's RoHS directive and REACH regulation.

NEC is promoting the exchange of information on chemical content through the supply chain and enhancement in the internal structure of information management.

NEC is taking measures to comply with procurement restrictions for inclusion of chemical substances in products based on Japanese laws as well as laws in other countries.

Products delivered to NEC shall fulfill the Standards Pertaining to Procurement Restrictions for the Inclusion of Chemical Substances in Products. The Standards restricts usage of certain chemicals in products by Japanese laws, RoHS Directive, etc, and will revise periodically to comply with a trend of ANNEX of RoHS Directive and other laws in other countries.

Support provided to suppliers by NEC in promotion of management of chemical substances in products is introduced.