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Environmental Management Promotion System

Group-wide environmental strategies and policy and long-term environmental activity plans are drafted after discussion at Business Strategy Council meetings (chaired by the NEC Group President), with final approval being made by the President.

The results of these discussions are implemented through a system that translates them into specific measures that are carried out in parallel by the environmental management committees of the business units, divisions, affiliates, and subsidiaries of NEC in Japan and overseas. This allows consistent environmental management to be implemented throughout the NEC Group.

Enviromental Management Promotion System (As of April 1, 2018)

Summary of Business Units, NEC Central Research Laboratories, and Software and Service Companies

Global Business Unit Overseas business
Public Solutions Business Unit Sales functions in the domestic region, and social solution business for public organizations and companies
Public Infrastructure Business Unit Social solution business for companies supporting government, government agencies and social infrastructure
Enterprise Business Unit Business related to the manufacturing, logistics, financial, and service industries
Network Services Business Unit Network integration and product businesses aimed at telecommunications carriers
System Platform Business Unit One-stop provision of terminals, network equipment, computer equipment, software products and service infrastructure
NEC Central Research Laboratories Research and development aimed at strengthening the NEC Group's technical competence
Software and Service Companies Refers to the following Group companies included in the environmental management system of NEC and engaged in the consigned software and service business.
(1)NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.
(2)NEC Aerospace Systems, Ltd.

Topic-Based Promotion Sub-groups

Committees are individually formed to engage in cross-sectional initiatives such as compliance with environmental regulations for products, development of environmentally friendly products and solutions, and raising awareness in employees.

Environmental Management Promotional Staff

We have established environmental promotion departments for each of our business and research sites to maintain and promote environmental management for each business and site.

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