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Responding to Environmental Risks

Risk Governance

In order to prevent risks to the environment, NEC carries out assessments and daily inspections, has also prepared risk maps for use in emergencies and conducts periodic reviews of its emergency contact system. Environmental risk governance has been further strengthened through establishment of the “Guidelines on expansion of information on environmental risk and response”.

Environmental Risk Management

Prevention Activities: Disseminating Information on Small Incidents

We have created a compilation of small incidents * and near-miss cases related to environmental risks. It is entitled "Small Incident Information". And its purpose is to raise awareness with respect to such small incidents and near-miss cases, which can potentially lead to more serious environmental accidents. This information is passed on to all NEC Group companies to prevent emergencies and accidents.
We have of course implemented emergency action and contact procedures in case of serious environmental accidents but are also emphasizing the appropriate handling of small incidents. Thus, we continue to promote preventive measures by conducting thorough investigations into the causes of even the smallest incidents, and taking appropriate corrective action. This information is then passed on to every company within the NEC Group. And the corrective action is followed upon.

A "small incident" is a safety term, referring to a minor but unsafe act.

Levels of Environmental Impact

Levels of Environmental Impact

Since FY 1999, we have announced whether any fines or penalties concerning environmental matters have been levied on NEC.
No such fines or penalties were levied in FY 2018/3. We had no accidents that affected the areas beyond our site perimeters, we had 17 accidents that were contained within our site (including small incidents), and no complaints.

  FY2014/3 FY2015/3 FTY2016/3 FT2017/3 FT2018/3
Serious Environmental Accidents:
Accidents with Impact Outside the Company
None None None None None
Environmental Accidents:
Accidents with No Impact Outside the Company
9 accidents 9 accidents 4 accidents 3 accidents 17 accidents
Complaints 1 incident 2 incidents None None None

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