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Environmental Training and Awareness

Environmental Training System

The NEC Group is providing environmental training to all employees in the Group, in addition to training by occupational category and employee class.
Environmental awareness is raised through Environment Month and Energy Conservation Month activities and email magazines.

  • *1Environmental management promotion supervisors at each business unit and group company
  • *2NEC Group environmental auditors
  • *3Operators of environmental impact facilities

Environmental training for all employees (e-learning)

The NEC Group carries out environmental training of all employees every year.
The training covers topics such as current trends and the environmental activities of the NEC Group. Group training sessions are also held for employees who are unable to attend e-learning classes.

Environmental training of new employees

New NEC employees are educated on environmentally-considerate actions required in the NEC Group's environmental management concept, the environmental vision, work duties and company life. Environmental education is also provided to each business unit and site according to their assignments.
Group companies offer environmental education to new employees according to their own business specifics.

Training of Newly Assigned Workers

Environmental training is provided to newly assigned workers, temporary workers, and contract workers in each area (base) and at each business unit.
Each area is disseminating environmental policies (environmental charter), as well as rules for each area, through plant guidebooks distributed to newly assigned workers, temporary workers, and contract workers.
The business units provide their own training to promote environmental management including goals, targets, and the environmental soundness of products and services.

Training of Key Environmental Management Players

Since FY 2004, "Training of Key Environmental Management Players" is conducted for environmental management promotion supervisors at each business unit and group company every year in cooperation with NPO Japan Association of Environment and Society for the 21st Century.
Key person training is provided using “idea and concept exercises,” “role playing methods” and “debating techniques” so that trainees can independently promote environmental actions and solve problems in their organizations by objectively understanding the roles of key persons.

Education according to occupational category (Group training, e-learning)

Environmental Training for Software and Service Engineers

We implemented group training for software and services engineers using our Environmental activities and quantitative evaluation methods for environmental load at software and service business units (practice) course.
The course gathered participants from all areas of the NEC Group and taught them how to create and implement activities aimed at reducing environmental impact by using software and services. The wide cross-section of participants meant that these activities could be implemented more thoroughly throughout the NEC Group.

Environmental Training for Design Engineers

In the design and development division, design engineers the training needed to create ecological products. Such training includes activities for environmentally sound products and green purchasing. The content of the training is planned and implemented such that it is suited to the business characteristics of each business unit.

Training of Auditors

Auditor refresher training is provided every year to NEC environmental auditors in groups on law revisions, audit policy, and other matters.
Enhancement of the quality of audits is targeted by disseminating environmental trends, the status of NEC environmental management, the purpose of the audit decided based on the result of the environmental management audit in the previous fiscal year, priority items, and changes made.
More information, especially on laws and regulations, will be provided by specifically explaining points to be noted in addition to general explanations, with a focus on business-specific information and matters pointed out in audits of the previous fiscal year.

Additionally, in the second half of the program, group discussions in which all auditors participate are held to increase the professional competence of auditors.It is a rule for each of the auditor to speak his or her opinion on the debate day to reinforce both knowledge and action in the program.

Scene from refresher course lectureScene from refresher course lecture

Scene from group discussion in refresher courseScene from group discussion in refresher course

Training of Workers Engaged in Environmental Impact Work

Operators of environmental impact facilities, such as boilers and wastewater treatment plants, are obligated to acquire skills, technologies, and abilities.
To acquire these skills and technologies, training is provided for checking work procedures and for coping with emergencies.
The NEC Group encourages these operators to attain related official and legal qualifications by both attending courses to acquire these qualifications and by studying outside and in-house special curricula.
Through this dedication, the abilities of our operators are enhanced.

Environment Month and Energy Conservation Month

Designating June as "Environment Month" and February as "Energy Conservation Month," various plans are studied and implemented to raise the environmental awareness of the NEC Group employees and to promote environmental actions by each individual.

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