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Environmental Audits & ISO 14001 Inspections

Audit and Inspection System

Each of the companies and sites within the NEC Group independently and in detail audits its own organization (divisions and departments) through internal environmental audits. In the Environmental Management Audit that is conducted by the Environmental Management Promotion Department, environment specialist auditors (including approved environmental management system auditors) comprehensively examine and evaluate environmentally sound product development, environmental impact reduction, risk management, and ISO 14001 conformance. These specialists emphasize the relationship between the environment and the operations of each division, including the effectiveness of the internal environmental audits.
The results of these audits are verified in a review of ISO 14001 undertaken by an external auditing authority using NetAudit and alternative audit* methods.
In addition, NEC performs Legal Compliance Audits to further ensure compliance with laws related to the environment, safety, and health.

Mechanism of Environmental Audits and Reviews at NEC
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    Net Audit: This ISO auditing method involves external auditing authorities accessing documents from their own offices via the Internet and freely examining and evaluating regulations and various records, thus increasing the quality and efficiency of these audits.

ISO14001 Certification Acquisition

In the NEC Group, in order to gain public trust, NEC Tohoku acquired BS7750 (British environmental management system standards) certification in 1995, and the acquisition of ISO 14001 international standards certification by the NEC Sagamihara Plant in 1997 led to separate certifications at all business locations and research centers. In 1999, certification for all plants and research centers was integrated, including the NEC Headquarters, and registrations were expanded to all sales locations in Japan in 2002. In FY 2013/3, the certification range for NEC Headquarters and its manufacturing subsidiaries was integrated with the certification range for software and service subsidiaries, thereby completing unification of certification acquisition.
In FY 2017/3, we started operating an environmental management system corresponding to ISO 14001:2015.
In FY 2018/3, we kept acquiring ISO 14001 certification shifting the base standard to ISO 14001:2015.

ISO 14001 Certification Registrations in NEC Group

ISO 14001 Certification Registrations in NEC Group [As of End of April 2018]

44 companies in the NEC Group are certified ISO 14001 as of April 2018. (including equity-method affiliates)

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    Companies requiring certification have all been certified, with a 100% certification rate.
Classification Manufacturing Non-manufacturing Total
Japan 14 23 37
Overseas 3 4 7
Total 17 27 44

Note: Small-scale companies or companies with low environmental impact (For example: staffing, consulting, or staff service companies; companies with fewer than 20 employees, etc.), subsidiaries, and overseas software, sales or service companies in the NEC Group are not obliged to obtain ISO 14001 certification.

NEC Group Companies with ISO 14001 Certification [As of End of April 2018]

No. Company Name
2 NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.
3 NEC Nexsolutions, Ltd.
4 NEC Fielding, Ltd.
5 NDEC Co., Ltd.
6 NEC Fielding Support Crew, Ltd.
7 NEC Fielding System Technology, Ltd.
8 NEC Platforms, Ltd.
9 NNT Co., Ltd.
10 NEC Shizuoka Business, Ltd.
12 OCC
13 NEC Communication Systems, Ltd.
14 Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd.
15 Avionics Fukushima Co., Ltd.
16 NEC Network and Sensor Systems, Ltd.
17 NEC Aerospace Systems, Ltd.
18 NEC Space Technologies, Ltd.
19 Showa Optronics Co., Ltd.
20 NEC Embedded Products, Ltd.
21 NEC Embedded Technology, Ltd.
22 NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.
23 NEC Facilities, Ltd.
24 NEC Livex, Ltd.
25 NEC Lighting, Ltd.
26 SHIMIZU SYNTEC Corporation
27 Kinki Bunseki Center, Ltd.
28 Nittsu NEC Logistics, Ltd.
29 KIS Co., Ltd.
30 Sunnet Corporation
31 YEC Solutions Inc.
32 NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation
33 Sanwa Computer Co., Ltd.
34 Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd.
35 NEC Capital Solutions Limited
36 Sincere Corporation
37 Nihon Dengyo Kosaku, Co., Ltd.
38 NEC Telecommunications (China) Co., Ltd.
39 NEC Platforms Thai Co., Ltd.
40 NEC Platform Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
41 NEC Platform Technologies Hong Kong Limited
42 NEC Australia Pty. Ltd.
43 NEC Energy Solutions, Inc.
44 Joint-Stock Company NEC NEVA Communications Systems