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Monitoring to preserve forests by using optical analysis technology

Information that indicates the materials included in an object and its condition (surface reflectance information) can be estimated stably and accurately from optical spectra observed by a spectrum camera (Note 1 and 2) installed in an airplane or other craft, without being affected by the weather.Being able to estimate the surface reflectance of an object simply from observed optical spectra means that it is no longer necessary to position reference objects near the subject to be observed. This allows observation of ecologies in inaccessible parts of forests where reference objects cannot be positioned easily.


  • Ecologies can be observed in any location under all weather conditions, fair, cloudy or wet.
    • Plant species that could not be identified in cloudy weather can be now be identified correctly.
    • Filming can be done from an airplane, enabling easy observation of places that people cannot easily enter.

Note 1:    Optical spectrum: intensity distribution for each wavelengtd of light
Note 2:    Optical spectrum camera: a camera that captures recorded images of optical spectrum for every pixel


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