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Principles for Conserving Biodiversity

Our activities to conserve biodiversity are carried out in accordance with the following principles:

The NEC Group understands the important role that biodiversity plays in building a sustainable society and places the highest value on international charters and frameworks concerned with conserving biodiversity. We will do our very best to minimize the impact of our business operations and the daily lives of our employees on local ecosystems and habitats, actively encourage our employees to take part in biodiversity conservation activities, and develop and provide our customers with IT solutions that will help conserve biodiversity.

Essential Principles

Essential Principles

1. Deepen people's understanding of biodiversity

In order to conserve biodiversity, people need to understand the impact their work or daily lives has on local ecosystems and habitats. We therefore need to ensure that our employees and their families, as well as our suppliers, have a thorough understanding of biodiversity.

2. Act in such a way as to conserve biodiversity

By forming links with local communities, schools, and non-profit organizations, we can broaden the scope of our environmental and social contribution activities to include a wider range of programs for conserving biodiversity. If we consider the impact our business activities and daily lives has on local ecosystems and habitats, we can more readily take action to conserve biodiversity.

3. Use our business operations to help conserve biodiversity

We can use our IT and network technologies to provide solutions that help people understand, conserve, and increase biodiversity.

Action Guidelines

  1. Raise the awareness and deepen the understanding of NEC Group employees about biodiversity so that they can act proactively at work and at home to conserve biodiversity.
  2. Strengthen links with local communities, schools, and non-profit organizations to enable a broader range of biodiversity conservation activities.
  3. Actively develop and provide customers with IT and network solutions and technologies that help conserve biodiversity.
  4. Clarify the relationship with biodiversity at every link in the supply chain and at every stage of a product's lifecycle (design and development, procurement of parts and materials, production, transportation, sale, use, and disposal) so that everyone involved understands how to act to conserve biodiversity.
  5. Actively publish and distribute information about the measures the NEC Group is taking to conserve biodiversity.

As an example of NEC's successful efforts to conserve biodiversity, the NEC Rice Paddy Building Project (NEC's long-running environment awareness-raising activity) has seen a variety of organisms returning to the paddy field located in a ravine.