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Overseas: Group Companies

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Collaboration with suppliers related to the environment, health and safety (EHS)

To ensure compliance with environmental regulations that are becoming stricter in many countries and regions and to thoroughly protect the safety of workers at overseas work sites, from fiscal 2016/3, NEC requires all overseas subsidiaries of the NEC Group (hereafter, NEC overseas subsidiaries) to obtain a declaration of compliance with EHS regulations from their suppliers.
Through this, we guarantee the compliance of suppliers of NEC overseas subsidiaries in the following three areas:

  • Compliance with laws that restrict the use of chemical substances in products and components
  • Appropriate handling and management of waste generated during the site installation and commissioning of NEC products and services in accordance with applicable waste disposal laws
  • Ensuring worker safety during onsite work
We will continue to build reliable compliance systems in cooperation with our business partners and improve the legal compliance processes of NEC overseas subsidiaries.

FY 2018/3 Environmental Impact Data for Overseas Production Bases

Item Actual results Unit
CO₂ emissions 9,322 ton
Waste discharge amount 351 ton
Chemicals usage amount 36 ton
Water usage amount 98,036
Power usage amount 16,065 1,000 kWh
LPG gas usage amount 13 ton
LNG gas usage amount 0 ton
Natural gas usage amount 473 1,000 m³
Heavy fuel oil usage amount 0 kl
Light fuel oil usage amount 0 kl

*Target: 3 companies (2 companies in China and 1 company in Thailand)

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