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Annual Environmental Reports

We started publishing the annual environmental report in FY 1996/3.

Annual Environmental Report 2017

A Report on Environmental Activities of NEC Group for FY 2017/3

Back Number: Highlights of NEC's Environmental Activities in FY 2016/3

Here we introduce highlights from our environmental activities

Annual CSR Reports

Annual CSR reports issued from FY 2005/3 can be viewed here.

Purposes of NEC Annual Environmental Report

External Communications: Environmental Communication Tool for External Stakeholders

  • Disclose information based on social accountability
  • Provide information useful for stakeholders' decision making
  • Promote environmental activities according to the social pledge and review
  • Share know-how with other manufacturers (promote activities across the industry)
  • Improve our corporate and brand image

Internal Communications: Promote Environmentally Sound Efforts in Voluntary Business activities

  • Establish and review policies, objectives, and action plans for our own environmentally sound efforts
  • Heighten awareness within management and among employees and promote their actions
  • Support sales activities (create opportunities for communications with customers)
  • Capitalize on environmental report know-how

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