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Contributions to reduced CO₂ emissions via provision of IT solutions

Contributing to cutting indirect CO₂ emissions with our IT solutions

Our Approach to Contribution: IT solutions

We can make a great difference with our IT solutions - for example, optimization of document preparation and work based on document preparation software, or reduction in travel time and expenses through use of video conferencing systems.
These effects are very much linked to reductions in energy consumption.
For example, document preparation software limits situations where paper documents are used, thereby decreasing the amount of paper used and consequently suppressing use of wood resources and energy consumption in production. Likewise, video conferencing systems suppress energy consumption for travel.
Our IT solutions change the lifestyles and work styles of users as they lessen environmental impacts.

Target on Reducing CO₂ Emissions from Society as a Whole through IT

In FY 2017/3, we reduced CO₂ emissions by 14 million tons by expanding the use of our IT solutions. We will continue to work every day to accelerate our CO₂ emissions reductions activities with the goal of meeting our future reduction targets of 15 million tons in FY 2018/3, 23 million tons in FY 2021/3, and 50 million tons in FY 2031/3.

Concrete Example of Eontribution to CO₂ Reduction

The SmartAsset goods management system replaces the conventional asset management work flow with RF tags and IT terminals to decrease paper use and optimize management tasks, corresponding to an approximate 79% reduction in CO₂ emissions.
These types of superior IT solutions are designated with the NEC’s original standard, the Eco Symbol Star. We are working to promote their application both inside and outside the company.

Calculation Method for CO₂ Reduction Contribution

The calculation method for CO₂ emissions reduction due to introduction of IT solutions is based on numeric conversion of changes in work flow before and after introduction. Calculations are made by multiplying the CO₂ emissions coefficient by the energy consumption of various activities. NEC utilizes a calculation tool to make calculations.

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