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Editorial Policy

Using the Web's unique characteristics to effectively present information

Our goal is to provide information using unique Web features such as video clips and hyperlinks instead of simply publishing information as PDF files.

Making easy-to-understand reports

We aim to create an easy-to-understand and reliable report using the Environmental Reporting Guidelines published by the Ministry of the Environment and GRI Guidelines as references.
In addition, environmental performance data sheets and a conformity chart for guidelines are included to make it easier to locate required information.

Links to CSR Activity Report

Starting in FY 2008/3, the CSR Activity Report is being issued primarily on NEC’s website. The environment-related equivalent of the CSR Activity Report is the Annual Environmental Report, and through the provision of links, readers are able to gain a comprehensive picture of our activities.

Created by:

Environmental Management Promotion Department, Total Quality Management Division, NEC Corporation

Issue date:

July 2017

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