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DMIC logistic visualization solution in India

NEC and DMICDC※1 have established a joint venture company, DMICDC Logistics Data Service Limited.  Since July 2016, it has provided the information service basis to visualize distribution infrastructure and to perform real-time searches based on positional information of containers being transported.

The joint venture company affixes RFID tags to shipping containers being loaded and unloaded at ports of Mumbai.  It has also installed RFID reader/writers at locations such as port entrances and exits, toll plazas on the expressway, and inland container depots where customs inspections are carried out.  The information is uploaded to the cloud and shared with other logistics systems.

By this service, consigners and freight forwarders could obtain accurate positional information of their container in transit along the 1,500 km stretch between Delhi and Mumbai on a near real-time basis, just inputting the container number.

As the result, this service shortens shipping lead times, reduces inventory levels, improves the accuracy of production plans and also contributes to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel by realizing efficient transportation.

NEC approved this service as “ECO Symbol Star” since we expect that the service will reduce approximately 170,000 t-CO₂e emission annually in addition to shortening shipping lead times and to reducing shipping cost.

“RFID easily attachable to container using magnets”
  • 1 DMICDC:Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation Limited.

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