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Policy, Plans and Results

NEC will achieve its social responsibilities as an enterprise by reducing the environmental impact of its own business activities, and we will strive towards creating a sustainable society, through our environmental management that will contribute to reducing the environmental impact of society as a whole, by providing environmentally sound products and services.

We have established an Environmental Charter to detail our environmental principles and action plans, which are followed rigorously within the NEC Group.

Climate Change Mitigation Measures

Long-term climate change mitigation guidelines with outlook to 2050 were formulated in July 2017.

NEC reviewed its Environmental Management Action Plan 2017/2030 formulated in June 2010 and reissued the plan in FY2016/3 as the Environmental Management Action Plan 2020/2030.The new plan focuses on measures to adapt to and mitigate impacts from climate change and promotes integration with and enhancement of other midterm activity targets.

In July 2014, NEC announced a new environmental management target for contributing to actions addressing climate change.

NEC has established mid-term targets based on NEC Group Environmental Management Action Plan 2020/2030.

NEC analyzes mass balance in the company's business operations, and uses it to develop measures to reduce its impact on the environment.

NEC aims to ascertain the amount of CO₂ emitted in each phase of the entire business life cycle: materials procurement, business operation, distribution, use by the customer, and recycling.