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NEC Group Environmental Management Action Plan 2020/2030

NEC reviewed its Environmental Management Action Plan 2017/2030 formulated in June 2010 and reissued the plan in fiscal 2017/3 as the Environmental Management Action Plan 2020/2030. The new plan focuses on measures to adapt to and mitigate impacts from climate change and promotes integration with and enhancement of other midterm activity targets.

NEC Group Environmental Management Action Plan 2020/2030

The NEC Group is focusing on the following three perspectives with the aim of providing social value for the implementation of climate change countermeasures.

Contributing to mitigation of climate change

  • Reduce emissions from customers and society through IT solutions.
    Target: 23 megatons in FY2021/3, 50 megatons in FY2031/3
  • Improve the energy efficiency of products.
    Target: 30% improvement in FY2021/3; 80% improvement in FY2031/3 (compared with products in FY 2014/3)

Contributing to adaptation to climate change

  • Help prepare for the impacts of climate change through solutions for society
    Target: Enhance solution competitiveness by providing solutions that help resolve social issues and expand contribution scope through business activities

Reducing emissions from business activities

  • Improvement in CO₂ emission through efficiency of energy use during business activities.
    Target: 18% improvement in FY2021/3; 30% improvement in FY2031/3 (compared with FY 2013/3)

  • Switch to renewable energy
    Target: Continued increase in amount of renewable energy used (10-fold increase in FY2021/3 compared with FY 2012/3)


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