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Enhancing Corporate Culture

Developing a CS Mindset Throughout the Entire NEC Group

The NEC Group Values established in April 2008 state that NEC is committed to having "Better Products, Better Services" for customers as one of the common values and behavioral principles to be shared among all NEC Group workers. "Better" reflects a passion for continuously and unrelentingly making improvements by aiming to become the best for our customers.
It is important for an enterprise to create a corporate culture whereby each and every worker thrives on striving to serve customers, with this being a springboard to advancing their own professional development. Such a corporate culture will lead everyone to consistently aim to fulfill their potential to provide customers with maximum satisfaction. To this end, NEC promotes various activities to build a solid customer-oriented corporate culture, including education programs and award system.

CS Education

The driving force behind CS improvement activities is "people". Even with a perfect system, it is not possible to provide customers with high-quality products and services unless the employees who handle them understand the actual feelings of customers. From this perspective, NEC emphasizes CS education and enlightenment activities focusing on "people".

One of the things we have to be aware of is that when people become accustomed to doing a routine CS improvement activity they may become complacent. Therefore, NEC provides career milestone education (stratified CS education) in consideration of each workplace and job role to reinforce the importance of CS and being customer-oriented. By reviewing their duties from the basics, workers confirm the roles they must have and the actions they must take.
In addition, education opportunities are provided in line with the needs of actual fields, such as studying the service mentality in different industries and holding in-depth discussions among CS promoters. Therefore, by broadly highlighting the importance of CS from a different perspective, NEC again addresses the development of employees who are customer-oriented.


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