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To fulfill our Purpose, we endeavor to connect digital technologies and human hopes, and to implement a vision of a brighter future world. This is in line with our commitment to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by strengthening our engagement with all other stakeholders.

Management for Sustainability

The NEC Way is a common set of values that form the basis for how the entire NEC Group conducts itself. NEC is promoting sustainability management in accordance with the following basic principles based on the NEC Way.

  • Contribute to Solving Social Issues through Our Business Activities
  • Strengthen Risk Management and Enforce Compliance
  • Promote Communication with Stakeholders


As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, NEC seeks to reduce environmental impacts in its own business activities.At the same time, it is carrying out" environmental management″that contributes to reducing the environmental impacts of society as a whole through providing products and services.


Based on the NEC Way,we are working to develop human resources and an organizalional culture that are able to continuously create value for society, constantly acting from a customer-oriented perspective with a high sense of ethical value and a deep understanding of the essential issues faced by customers and sodety.


In its Principles, NEC subscribes to "Uncompromising Integrity and Respect for Human Rights,"and conducts continuous companywide activities involving everyone from officers to employees with management firmly based on compliance.

Appendices and Data Collection

You can see the Major ESG Data here.
Information Security Report 2021
NEC Vision
NEC Group Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement
NEC Initiatives for Contributing to the Achievement of the SDGs
Corporate Citizenship Initiatives
NEC Group AI and Human Rights Principles


Press Releases

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