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"Can anyone participate in NEC Working Mothers Salon?" "Participating alone... I am worried about that.", "Where is the salon to be held?" These questions are answered in the FAQ.

For those who want to participate in "NEC Working Mothers Salons"

Question Is the salon held in an area where I live?

Answer Salons are held nationwide.


Question I am currently taking leave from work. Can I participate?

Answer Yes, you can participate. Pregnant women, single women, anyone who is interested in the salon (regardless of age or circumstance) can participate. Each salon is introduced on the website of Madre Bonita.


Question I am not an employee of NEC or NEC Group companies. Can I participate?

Answer Yes, anyone can participate.


Question Can I participate by myself?

Answer Yes. Workshop program provides group discussions with a theme (in pairs) and an entire class discussion with a theme at the end of a session. You can discuss with other participants whom you meet for the first time.


Question Can I participate with my baby?

Answer You can bring newborns up to 210-days-old with you. If your baby can turn over or crawl, it is recommended to leave your baby to someone you trust and participate alone because you probably cannot concentrate on discussions if your baby is around you.


Question How much is the participation fee? How many people can participate in a session?

Answer 500 yen for materials. The session is about two hours long. The capacity is planned to be 10 max.

* These may vary for each area.


Question There is no salon in my area. What should I do?

Answer You can buy "Madre Method Textbook for Working Mothers" which is distributed in salons. Workshop conducted in salons is described in this textbook.


Question Tell me how to apply.

Answer Applications are accepted at the website of Madre Bonita.

For those who want to be a coordinator

Question I want to be a coordinator of NEC Working Mothers Salons. Can anyone be a coordinator?

Answer First, you need to register for Madre Bonita membership. Visit the website below.


Question Tell me the schedule for coordinators.

Answer Online training in April and May.
May: Practical training (2 days), team kick-off salon and management training
June to November: Hold and manage salons.
January: NEC Working Mothers Summit

* Schedule may change. We kindly ask for your understanding.

For those who want to be a member of salon management team

Question I want to be a management member of NEC Working Mothers Salons. Can anyone be a management member?

Answer Visit the website below.