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Areas where salons are held

Target Anyone who is interested in the topic (regardless of age or circumstance) can participate.
Schedule The 6-month period from June to November, 2015
Areas where salons are held

[Hokkaido Team] Kitami City, Abashiri City, in Hokkaido

[Sendai Team] Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture

[Saitama Team] Saitama City, Kawaguchi City, Wako City in Saitama Prefecture, Kita-ku in Tokyo, and Ashikaga City in Tochigi Prefecture

[South Tokyo and Kawasaki Team] Shinagawa-ku, Meguro-ku in Tokyo, and Kawasaki City in Kanagawa Prefecture

[Ota and Setagaya Team] Ota-ku, Setagaya-ku, Shinagawa-ku, Suginami-ku in Tokyo

[Shinetsu Team] Nagano City in Nagano Prefecture, Joetsu City in Niigata Prefecture

[Fukui Team] Sabae City, Fukui City, Echizen City in Fukui Prefecture

[Gifu Team] Gifu City in Gifu Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture, Mie Prefecture

[Shizuoka Team] Shimada City, Hamamatsu City, Fukuroi City, Kikugawa City in Shizuoka Prefecture