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Competition Policy

(Contact with Competitors)
1. Contact competitors only if it is legitimately and absolutely necessary.

(Exchange of or Agreeing on Competitive Information with Competitors)
2. Do not exchange, discuss or explicitly or implicitly agree with any competitors on competitively sensitive information such as prices, pricing policies, quantities, production plans, marketing plans, allocation of clients (including potential clients) or territories, and willingness to close a deal or participate in a bid.

(Keeping Records of Contact with Competitors)
3. When contacting a competitor, keep a record appropriately on any such contact, including reasons or backgrounds for the contact and the content of any conversation or correspondence for the contact, and keep copies of the records.

(Bid Rigging)
4. Do not exchange, discuss or explicitly or implicitly agree with any competitor regarding any terms of a bid, or any method for determining the winner for the bid.

(Inappropriate Acquisition of Bid-related Information)
5. When participating in a bid, do not directly or indirectly acquire bid-related information such as any confidential information of clients without taking the proper steps, nor request that clients (including clients' consultants) provide such information.

(Inappropriate Preparation of Bid-related Documents)
6. Do not inappropriately create procurement-related documents, etc., including specifications documents which should be prepared by clients, even if the clients (or the clients' consultants) ask you to do so.

(Accuracy of Bid-related Information)
7. When participating in a bid, do not submit untrue information or falsified documents.

(Interfering with Distributors' transactions and Discriminatory Treatment of Distributors)
8. Do not inappropriately impose any restrictions (such as prices, quantities, sales territories, business partners, sales methods or other matters) on any transactions between distributors or other business partners and their customers. Do not inappropriately discriminate a distributor among them or other business partners regarding any trade terms (such as prices, quantities, payment conditions and rebates, conditions for participating in sales promotion campaigns and others).

(Abusing Dominant (or Superior) Bargaining Position)
9. If you are in a dominant market position, do not impose unfair conditions on suppliers, subcontractors, distributors and other business partners by using such market position.

10. Do not sell anything at unfairly low price under the laws and regulations or which lacks social accountability.

If you have any doubts or you are not confident on your judgement on the matter of competition law, immediately consult with your company's fair trade promotion department.