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Public Safety

Emergency & Disaster Management

All cities are in one way or another vulnerable to some form of disaster. In particular, cities that are located in seismically active regions are vulnerable to earthquakes and volcanoes, while others are vulnerable to hurricanes, typhoons, floods, or tsunamis. Therefore, emergency and disaster management, which consist both of pre-emergency and post-emergency measures, are important components of maintaining safety and security.

NEC has solutions that cover the various sensors needed in gathering information on disasters and emergencies, such as surveillance cameras, water level gauges, rain gauges, and seismometers. All these data can be fed to a command centre that is able to acquire and process the data in a timely fashion. If an evacuation is needed, an announcement utilizing different communication channels can be made from the command centre, involving different agencies, such as police, fire brigade, the army, hospitals, and the like to save people’s lives. This coordinated response requires inter-agency collaboration between different parts of government. NEC has a suite of solutions that facilitate such collaboration, enabling governments to swing quickly into the recovery stage following a disaster.


  • Technologies to support New Disaster Management Solution 
  • Concept of New Disaster Management Solution



  • Advanced Earth Observation Satellite 
  • Land / River / Rainfall Observation System 
  • Ocean Bottom Observation System 

Information Gathering
  • Disaster Management Communication Network 

Data analysis & Decision-making
  • Earthquake & Tsunami Observation System 
  • Disaster Information System 

  • Municipality Disaster Management Radio System 
  • Public Commons System 

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