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Public Safety

INTERPOL World 2017

NEC will showcase its advanced Artificial Intelligence & Biometrics technologies to support safety and security through preventative and predictive measures at the upcoming INTERPOL World 2017 event.

Solutions Exhibiting at the Booth

Solutions for Fast Resolution of Crimes

・Biometrics Forensic Tools
  - Multimodal Biometrics Identification System (MBIS) Integra-ID 5
  - NeoFace® SmartID solution with NeoScan 45®
  - NeoFace® Reveal
  - SmartScan
・Image Enhancement Software
  - Specific Scene Analysis
  - License Plate Inference
・Digital Forensic Solution

Solutions for Prediction and Prevention of Incidents

・World's No.1 Face Recognition Technology
  - High Performance Real-time Face Recognition NeoFace® Watch
  - Mobile Surveillance Solution
・Urban Surveillance Solution (Video Wall)
  - NEC Citizen Collaboration for Safety (NEC-CCS)
  - Behavior Detection Software
  - Crowd Density Estimation Software
  - High performance Face Search  NeoFace® Image data mining
・Advanced Recognition Technology
  - Acoustic Situational Awareness
  - Acoustic Ear Shape Recognition

Booth Location: 4M20

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