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Importance of BOP

In order to build a manufacturing system that have a resilience and strengthen dynamic capabilities, smooth communication and data collaboration between engineering and manufacturing at a global level is important.

The most important information communicated between engineering and manufacturing is BOM, however it is difficult to collaborate smoothly because the engineering BOM (E-BOM) is created from the designer's point of view, whereas the manufacturing BOM (M-BOM) is created by adding production side information such as inventory and intermediate materials in purpose and shape.

The seamless linkage between engineering and manufacturing is possible by defining a BOP between the E-BOM and the M-BOM and mediating BOP information. In other words, we can say that BOP will play an important role in bridging the gap and establishing the seamless linkage between engineering and manufacturing, which is the biggest bottleneck in global manufacturing.

In this column, we have explained about BOP and also the content, role, and necessity of BOP which is based on process. However, the purpose and usage of BOP implementation and its characteristics can be seen in different industries. In the next column, we would like to introduce use cases by industry.