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In recent years, by integrating BOM and BOP globally as shown in the figure, various effects such as uniform manufacturing quality, strengthening traceability, and introduction of robots are expected on a global level. Due to this reason, PoC (proof of concept) introducing BOP has been progressing mainly in the electronics manufacturer, the automobile parts industry, and the materials industry.

In addition, the considerations and adoption of BOP are rapidly accelerating as a management strategy to survive in the new normal era after COVID-19, in order to respond quickly and flexibly to sudden changes in the environment, such as severe demand fluctuations, natural disasters, and supply chain disruptions, and to continue to deliver products to the market. Therefore, it becomes necessary to strengthen dynamic capabilities (business transformation capabilities) by strengthening communication between organizations and establishing strong collaboration between engineering chains and supply chains using digital technology. In other words, there is growing expectation that the digitization of BOP and integrated management of BOM/BOP will play an important role in new normal area.