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Integrated BOM vol3:Best practices of management pattern for multiple BOMs

Best practices for integrated BOM derived from our experience of working with 100 customers on Obbligato.
Management approaches that effectively connect engineering and manufacturing.

In the previous two columns, we explained about the “What is a BOM”, “BOM by business application” and “the management approach for multiple BOMs”. This time, we would like to introduce case studies of BOM  management patterns.
NEC conducted a survey of management pattern of our users who are building an integrated BOM system with Obbligato (About 100 companies) The following is the result of our survey of how Obbligato users are managing their BOMs such as the structure and its management.

As result of our user survey, we found that management approaches are classified into four cases below and there are some features by the type of manufacturing and the operation style.
 Case 1: E-BOM and M-BOM by manufacturing site
 Case 2: E-BOM and Master M-BOM
 Case 3: E-BOM, Master M-BOM and M-BOM by manufacturing site
 Case 4: E-BOM and Multi-site M-BOM
In the next paragraph, we will explain the details of these cases.