Edge Model

Model Overview

Ideal for AI, big data, and system embedded applications
Application fields: product inspection, medical image processing, demand forecasting, weather forecasting, radar analysis, etc.

Model Image
Model Name A101-1 A111-1
Number of vector engines (VE) installed 1 1
Form Factor Tower Tower

Vector Engine (VE)

Mainly performs application arithmetic processing.

Number of Vector Engines (VE) that can be installed 1 1
VE Type Type 10B Type 10CE
Maximum total VE operation performance (TFLOPS) Double Precision 2.15 2.15
Maximum total VE operation performance (TFLOPS) Single Precision 4.30 4.30
Maximum total VE Memory Bandwidth (TB/s) 1.22 1.00
Maximum VE Memory Capacity (GB) 48 24

Vector Host (VH)

Mainly performs OS processing.

Number of x86 Processors/VH 1 1
x86 Processor Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor
Memory Configuration DDR4 DIMMs x6 / CPU
Maximum memory capacity/VH 96GB 96GB
Maximum Disk Space/VH SATA HDD 4TB SATA HDD 4TB
InfiniBand -
OS Click here for supported OS

Installation Specifications

Power 1.2kW
Number of Power Supplies 1
Power Cable Connector Chape AC100V power cable IEC C13 NEMA5-15
AC200V power cable IEC C13 IEC C14
Cooling Air cooling
Operating Temperature 10°C to 35°C
Recommended Operating Temperature 10°C to 30°C
Sound volume (sound pressure level) 55.7 dBA*1

*1 If you need to pay attention to the quietness of the research room, please pay attention to the installation environment of this equipment.
Depending on the high temperature environment and operating conditions, the noise value may exceed this value.


By using NEC's original compiler the VE is easy to use.

Standard Software Vector engine control software and driver
Software Development Support NEC Software Development Kit for Vector Engine, NEC MPI, NEC MPI/Scalar-Vector Hybrid