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HPC Storage

Global Parallel Filesystems

With an HPC system, performance is focal. The speed of the CPU, the main memory or the network greatly impact the wall-clock time needed for researchers or developers completing their tasks and getting results out of their jobs. But there is more: huge amounts of data are created around the clock - they need to be written and read continuously. This is why the faster storage system underneath, the quicker the HPC system gets in total. 

Parallel filesystems in combination with enabling technologies are the best choice for HPC, AI and Machine Learning workflows. NEC provides wide variety of field approved storage solutions and a long-lasting experience in implementing and supporting storage solutions at Multi-Petabyte scale.

The Lustre file system is a parallel file system used in a wide range of HPC environments. Based on ZFS and Open Source LTS Lustre and backed by Whamcloud 3rd level support the LxFS-z appliance offers predictable performance and proven stability and reliability. The NEC GxFS Storage Appliance is based on IBM Spectrum Scale (formerly GPFS) parallel filesystem. IBM Spectrum Scale (aka GPFS) is built from the ground up to scale performance and capacity with no bottlenecks, providing you with extreme scalability for data, metadata. The NEC BxFS Storage Appliance is built on BeeGFS a parallel cluster file system, designed specifically to manage I/O intensive workloads in performance-critical environments. Based on the unique NEC modular Storage Building Block concept the NEC BxFS Storage Appliance is configured in a High-Availability setup on top of ZFS. High-performance file system optimized for NVMe. Specialized for AI-Workloads, tight S3 integration
QLC based multi-protocol Storage with 3DXPOINT caching. Full-flash solution for I/O demanding workloads. NFSoRDMA as data protocol Powered by Quobyte Datacenter Filesystem. Multi protocol scale out filesystem Blockstorage and Filesystem-appliances based on Exascaler / SFA software stack. High-density, high performance hybrid storage solutions.