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Digital Finance

Digital inclusion through digital finance

Our vision

New answers for sustainability and inclusion with power of digital

We no longer want any more divides, de-humanization, nor un-healthy earth.
We believe power of digital and role of finance for sustainability and inclusion.

At NEC Group, we are team of business developments, data scientists, engineers and global deep-tech R&D units.

We believe we can achieve brighter future through collaboration on digital finance.

What We do

NEC is integrating technology for digital banking

Banking As a Service with Banqsoft
Banqsoft, leading provider of financial software in Nordics, joined NEC group company in 2019.
Banqsoft offers solutions to retail banks, consumerfinance providers and assetfinance companies.

To meet new demands and improve time to action, we offers automated end-to-end banking software services

Integrating NEC’s AI technology to Banqsoft
NEC has over 50-years-experiences for AI R&D.  Our focus to apply AI to financial services is enhancing explainability.
With strong AI technology and data scientists, we are integrating data-driven finance with Banqsoft Banking as a Service.

Who We Are‚Äč

Evoling up
Evoling up

How NEC has combined a startup culture with its founding principles, and deep security and technical capabilities from 120 years of...

Evoling up
Future creation

NEC’s global network of businesses and technologies interact to achieve a vision of creating value for society, with a commitment...


NEC has wide portfolio of products to help banks transcend limitations.With the adoption of technology, banking has evolved ...

Deep tech for the future


NEC's Activities in Blockchain to create a safer society [NEC Official]

NEC is leading the way with Blockchain to create a brighter world.
We have developed core Blockchain technology enhancing security, efficiency and scalability since 2012, long before the current boom of Blockchain.
Blockchain technologies can have significant impacts on digital economy.