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Digital Experience Design

60 days to think and realize together

Digital Experience Design Service in 60 Days

We will guide you through this intensive co-creation 60days journey,
and accelerate your digital transformation with NEC's 3 Design Services.
NEC Design Thinking is composite of Business Process, Design Tools and Knowledge
to help you and your team.

Business Grand Design 60Days

  • Activity: The grand design to be offered in clients' business opportunity exploration or value verification phases.
  • Outcome: The outcome, or a solution, to be introduced to develop concrete images of the business opportunity and service as well as all details of necessary activities.

Experience Design 60Days

  • Activity: Conduct experience-based development in clients' value verification or effectiveness verification phases while proceeding with prototyping verification.
  • Outcome: The prototype to be developed and evaluated to make clear the effects of introduction from a business perspective so the feasibility will be confirmed.

Technology Experiment
Note: Duration will be determined on an individual basis.

  • Activity: Experiments combining NEC's key assets and new technologies
    Items: Ex.) Such as training using VR + 5G, Meeting System + Emotional Analysis
  • Outcome: Experiments will be conducted to test the availability and feasibility of new technologies for delivering a refined user experience

NEC Design Thinking