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June 30, 2022

Relentlessly Challenging the Communications World to its Cutting-Edge

NEC is a company that has been relentlessly contributing to the development of communication technologies since the time of its founding. We have been continuously challenging new technologies, leading to the successfully launch the world's first Trans-Pacific satellite communication and other cutting edge successes. In undersea cables also, we are one of the top vendors with roughly one third of the global share.
Our research activities have been covering comprehensive communication function layers, from the hardware-centric physical layer to the application layer which handles software, and also covering the electromagnetic spectrum from optical communications to radio communications. We always intend to create new and globally unprecedented technologies through research activities spanning wide-range of areas with integrative and holistic view.

Aiming to Build Global Infrastructure

New communication technologies will surely bring further innovation in the world, such as 4G communications significantly improved individual value through smartphones and social media. 5G and other new technologies that are currently being introduced are not simply high-speed wireless systems. Technologies that connect "things" in addition to "people," have been generating various digital transformations in every industry. Beyond 5G networks will connect "people," "things," as well as "experiences" in a broader and more seamless manner as a technology that supports the evolution of whole society from social system to individual life. NEC is leading the research for various technologies, which will be implemented as global infrastructure in five to ten years from now. Our horizon is to successfully reduce carbon emissions on a global scale, since mobile telephone communication systems that are currently operated by country will evolve into a universal system with the resources of countries balancing daily communication traffic volume though night and day around the globe.

Primary research technologies

Multi-core fiber cable

This technology expands the transmission capacity up to a maximum of four times while keeping the shape of conventional fiber cables the same. NEC has successfully carried out a high-capacity communication test using the world's first multi-core undersea cable. The research paper about this technology was selected as a "featured research paper" at OFC2022, the world's largest international conference on optical communications. We are researching multi-core fiber cable technology which will enable even higher capacities based on the concept of applying the technologies currently used in wireless to optical communications.

Quantum encryption

This is a safe encryption method, which is theoretically impossible to decipher. NEC's quantum encryption technology achieves world-class performance based on our results obtained during many years of cutting-edge research. In addition, we are currently researching, developing, and demonstrating new technologies, partnering with universities and research institutions, in order to make implementation of such advanced technologies easier than conventional methods,.

Next-generation mobile communications (6G/7G)

In anticipation of an integrated communication system on a global scale, we are researching network technologies related to new concepts, including the use of satellites and High-Altitude Platform Systems (HAPS). This long-term research theme is being undertaken as a national project.

Type of person we are looking for
A person who is relentless but not stubborn and who as the courage to continue taking on challenges

Networking area
Senior Director, Advanced Network Research Laboratories
Shigeru Asai

I would be utterly pleased if someone who has a passion for technologies related to network communication joined our lab. In addition, we desire to create unprecedented and cutting-edge technologies as well. I really hope to be able to conduct research together with someone who has a strong focus and can be relentlessly motivated toward innovation. At the same time, it is also important to be able to act in a flexible manner to solve problems. Having one’s own thoughts is a quality but one should not be "stubborn."
When you carry research, failures will happen. Failures without any effort are not acceptable, but I will applaud all efforts if those failures are the result of a challenge. If you want to challenge new technology, I believe that here is the place for your research.