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June 30, 2022

Creating an Efficient Society and Shifting to a Sustainable World

Creating a society that runs efficiently. That is the very vision which NEC is trying to realize through Analytics AI research and development. "Efficiency" does not mean only the pursuit of labor reduction and profit. For example, "efficiency" as conceived by NEC also includes questions such as how to allocate the demand and supply of electricity and gas across society as a whole in a well-balanced manner or how to minimize food loss. We are advancing the research and development of technologies that solve the global social problems that are also raised by SDGs and can contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
NEC's unique algorithm development is globally recognized, its research papers continue to be accepted by the top NeurIPS international conference, and the company displays a significant presence in academia.

Realizing the Optimization of Real Issues with a Unique Modeling Approach

Currently, "optimization" is a theme which is the subject of particular focus within the Analytics AI area. This is a theme which has also been long researched in the field of mathematical engineering, and optimization itself is supported by existing algorithms. It could be said that the barriers to practical application lie instead in the first part. In other words, it is a process which expresses complex, real world events with mathematical models. In contrast, NEC is developing and advancing the practical application of useful optimization technologies which utilize the know-how and wisdom of many work sites.

Primary research technologies

Online optimization

This is a technology which optimizes by incrementally advancing the target modeling in parallel while operating with a small start. In contrast to reinforcement learning, which requires a high data volume and learning time, this technology can provide optimization services in a short time period even for varied targets. Our goal is to utilize this technology in dynamic pricing and product lineup optimization as well as various recommendation actions.

Intentional learning

This technology learns from the decision history of experts and veterans what points they emphasize in making decisions and other forms of "intention." If the "intention" obtained through this process is used, it will enable the derivation of the same types of optimal solutions as experts. Amid an outcry concerning the aging population and labor shortage, we are advancing the practical application of this technology with the goal of passing on expert know-how and solving the skills gap.

Learning and modeling the intentions of experts to reproduce advanced decision-making

Negotiation AI

This technology assists with the negotiation of business transactions between independent organizations such as the ordering party and the receiving party. Instead of having a relationship is which one party profits while the other loses, it derives points which achieve a win-win outcome with the goal of optimization across society as a whole. For example, it is expected to be utilized in the automation of material procurement and logistics carpooling which uses available truck transportation slots.

Type of person we are looking for
Researcher who possess two or more strengths

Analytics AI area/Control AI area
Senior Director, Data Science Research Laboratories
Junji Sakai

I believe that the skills required by Analytics AI and Control AI can be divided into three areas. The first skill is the ability to conceive effective algorithms with a creative approach. The second skill is the ability to implement that concept in a practical way that anyone can immediately use. The third skill is the ability to link that technology to customer issues and demands and conceive of ways to convert it into value.
Naturally, I believe that there are very few people who possess all three skills. Therefore, possessing only one skill is fine. If it was up to me, it would be even better if they possessed two of those skills (laughs), so there are probably some people with two of these skills. It would be great to work together with such a person.