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NEC Storage Manager

Configuration management

Configuration management of multiple disk array systems

NEC Storage Manager can efficiently and centrally manage multiple NEC Storage disk array systems.

Setting nicknames

Users can give nicknames to disk array systems, logical disks, etc., to identify them easily.

Status monitoring

Monitoring system conditions

Monitors the conditions of physical disks, controllers, and power supplies composing logical disks and disk array systems, and displays a message or an icon for notification of a failure.

Performance monitoring

The installation of NEC Storage PerformanceMonitor enables monitoring and analysis of the performance of disk array systems.

Operations management

Security management

The login user is certified by a server, so there are no problems with security. The operational level can be established, so setting change by the general user can be prevented.

NEC Storage Manager Agent Utility

About the disk array connected to a server, a relation between the physical disk information seen from the server side and the logical disk information seen from the disk array side is indicated. This function can be used by installing "NEC Storage ControlCommand".


It's possible to confirm the information on a disk array and NAS Gateway on one screen in the environment that NEC Storage M series and NAS Gateway are introduced.
Further, this function is to introduce the server part in NEC Storage Manager after Windows Server 2008 or after Windows Vista, and it becomes practicable.

Audit log

The obstacle phenomenon and the careful phenomenon which occurred by NEC Storage Manager and disk array which is under the management of NEC Storage Manager, and the operational history of the configuration change are output as audit log (the syslog form corresponding to RFC5424).

  • Function is made more effective
    The function is made more effective by an environment configuration of NEC Storage Manager and making of audit log is begun. The fixed value is invalid and audit log isn't output.
  • Preservation of audit log
    The amount of disk to preserve log in a necessary period is secured and used as audit log.
    The following setting is possible about preservation of audit log.
     - Retention period : A fixed value is 3 months. It's possible to change it during 1 month-5 years. The setting which preserves everything is also possible.
     - Preservation place : A fixed value is an installation directory follower of NEC Storage Manager. It's possible to change the preservation place.

Replication management

Enables display of the operating conditions, settings, and operation instructions for data replication.

Replication management Image