NEC Storage DynamicSnapVolume


The following are descriptions of main functions of NEC Storage DynamicSnapVolume.

Snapshots creation

Creates replication of master volume (the snapshots) instantly. Multiple snapshots (maximum of 256 generations for M110, M120, M310, M310F, M320, M320F, M510, M710, M710F, and maximum of 16 generations for M100, M300, M500, M700) can be created.

Snapshots deletion

Deletes any generation of snapshots. By deleting unnecessary snapshot, effective utilization of the disk area is enabled.

Restore from snapshots

Master volume can be restored from any generations of snapshot volumes.

Generation management of snapshot volumes

Manages multiple snapshots' generations by using their creation times. It is possible to use the newest generation of snapshots constantly without concerning names of the logical disks.