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Quick Response and Easy to Use:
Selected Key Functions Change Your PCB Design Environment

EMIStream can improve efficiency and easily decrease time-consuming methods, thus enabling rapid time-to-market with a more high-quality product.EMIStream allows you to reduce product development costs and enable a faster time-to-market. By using EMIStream to eliminate possible EMI issues at the PCB design stage, you will be able to save time that would otherwise be spent on complex fixes for EMI problems.

Engineers have been wrestling with complex methods such as manual design checks, 3D simulator use, and actual measurements by prototype PCB in order to keep the quality of their products high.
EMIStream has effective key functions with easy operation  (EMI Rule Check and Power-GND Resonance Analysis) in order to adapt to real-world EMI control for PCB. Key functions of EMIStream are provided through actual production experience and EMI research results through collaboration with universities such as the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Major electronic manufacturers worldwide are using EMIStream to significantly decrease the time and cost spent on the design/evaluation phase. Many choose EMIStream for its user-friendly interface, easy set-up, speedy analysis, and seamless workflow with multiple CAD layout interfaces.

EMIStream can improve efficiency and easily decrease time consuming method and enable rapid time-to-market with more high quality product.