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Summary of Financial Results for FY2022/3

Revenue was 3,014.1 billion JPY for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, increased by 0.7% year on year.
Mainly driven by growth businesses including the expansion of 5G base station and Core DX collaborating with Abeam Consulting, despite adverse impact from a decline of special demand for GIGA school project last year and component shortages.

Adjusted Operating Profit was 171.0 billion JPY, decreased by 7.2 billion JPY year on year.
Achieved 31.5 billion JPY of business Improvements from the previous fiscal year, despite of an increase in the strategic expenses and the impact of component shortages.

Adjusted Net Profit was 167.2 billion JPY, increase by 1.8 billion JPY.
Increased for third consecutive year due to a decrease in tax expenses.

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